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PhDing is tough, but I am getting there

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A thesis is a journey. It is about reflection, reading, writing, erasing, investigating, going back to the start. It is about becoming specialist while permanently feeling like you never know enough. My first PhD year finished in June. since the last time I wrote here, a lot has changed, starting with the working title, which is now officially Community Radio Stations Sustainability Model: An Open Source Solution. I now also have two supervisors to help and guide me through this journey: Prof. Jorge Vieira and Prof. Manuela Aparicio. Currently, I am designing my research and building a theory framework that connects both objects.

Global Sprint is coming and you should join it

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Mozilla’s commitment to a healthier Internet has been well carved throughout the years in the way they support other open source projects. With the Global Sprint 2018 coming tomorrow and the day after, there are plenty of projects where you can put your hands on for a good cause. From digital inclusion to open science, there are nearly 150 of projects listed for collaboration, requiring help on things such as coding, testing, UX design, content creation, localization and much more. Anyone with an Internet connection can get involved. There are also various places around the globe where people will physically meet and work together. I will be at the Lisbon one, which will take place at Bright Pixel.

Hello, world! and first working paper

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This first post is also a self-reminder that academia is a lot about publishing. As such, I am now focused on writing my first working paper. Radio Art in the Digital Age: A Case for Radia started as an exercise for my Internet Studies class. The project focuses on building a case for Radia’s existence based on the impact it has in its own community.





Teaching experience 1

Undergraduate course, University 1, Department, 2014

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Teaching experience 2

Workshop, University 1, Department, 2015

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